Equipment for poultry farms


Different accessories for bird cages

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Bird cages

As an official and the only distributor of production by a Turkish company Gϋres Group in Latvia, we offer professional equipment for bird farms - cages for laying hens, chicken breeding, broilers, quails and quail chicks in different sizes with fully automated system for watering, feeding, collection of eggs and dung. The main parts of cage systems are galvanized sheets and wire materials. Cage constructions, galvanized sheets and wire materials in cage sections are high quality and ISO 9001 certified.

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Climate systems

We offer fully automatic and semi-automatic climate systems, produced by Turkish company Gϋres Group, that ensure a steady temperature and humidity level in bird farms; displays and controls the temperature in different parts of the cage. Climate systems are equipped with GF 1400 fans that have low energy consumption and low noise level.

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