Climate systems

Semi-automatic climate systems

Semi-automatic climate system can be used in cages and premises with the capacity of more than 60 thousand birds. The system consists of a fan, pump, water reservoir and a control panel that controls the operation of system. The number of fans and pads in cages depends on the number of birds in them. Semi-automatic climate system displays and controls temperature of right and left side of cage, showing it on the control panel. It provides the necessary minimum or maximum temperature. In the case of fan failure, power supply problems or when reaching minimal or maximal temperature level, a message is send to the control panel.

Automatic climate systems

Fully automated climate system can be used in closed premises and cages with capacity of more than 60 thousand birds. The biggest benefit of this fully automated climate system is air flow control and reporting in PLC (computer system). PLC system separately displays temperature in each part of cage. It displays and controls the humidity level. The system can be used manually. It is energy saving. Fully automatic ventilation system eliminates human error probabilities and maintains the desired temperature 24 hours per day.