Bird cages

Layer cage

The design of cage systems is developed in a way that ground vibrations cannot affect cages; the cage legs are placed after every 60 centimetres and they are fixed in special fastenings. The cage system can be set up to 8 floors without special platform, but with a platform – up to 12 floors. The feeding system is fully automated; due to specially designed feed supply equipment, feed is served hygienic, evenly and equally, which means that feed loss is minimal. Watering systems are designed in a way that water remains are collected and do not wet the cage.

Cages for chicken breeding

Sizes for chicken cage sections – 120 x 67 cm. Sections walls are made from galvanized wire material. Adjustable, sliding cover for chicken cage floor and plastic cover for floor in every floor section. Fully automated feeding, watering and dung collection system.

Cages for broilers

Broiler cages available in 3 to 6 floor constructions. The main parts of cage systems are galvanized sheets and wire materials. Cage section sizes are 2400 x 1350 mm. The base of sections is developed from a special, stable and flexible plastic material; specially developed design that provides flexibility while taking care of well-being of the birds. Automatic feeding and watering system, horizontal and vertical dung collection pipeline. Pipeline for bird transportation; the cage system equipped with an elevator that provides movement of birds. Cage constructions, galvanized sheets and wire materials in cage sections are high quality and ISO 9001 certified.

Breeder cage

Cages, intended for older bird flocks, available in 3 to 5 floor constructions. Automatic egg collection system, manufactured from galvanized sheet and wire materials. Conveyors for egg transportation and connections are made of plastic, they are anti-static and do not gather dust. Conveyors for egg transportation and their base are developed in a way to prevent egg cracking from contiguity with each other, and also in the end of every line special brushed is embed that provides cleanness of egg conveyors.

Cages for quails

Quail cages available in 3 to 6 floor constructions. Floor height – 435 mm. Due to inclined wire base eggs can easy get into the canals, which reduces possibility to damage or dirty eggs to a minimum. Automatic egg collection system is made of galvanized sheet and wire material, while the conveyors for egg collection and transportation and their connections are made of plastic. Conveyors are anti-static and do not gather dust.

Cages for quail chicks

Quail chick cages available in 3 to 6 floor constructions. Floor height – 385 mm. Fully automated feeding system, designed to ensure a even feed supply in every floor and section, preventing feed from getting outside the cage, so feed loss is reduced to a minimum. The watering system consists of 4 water supply nozzles and watering dishes in every floor and section. Water supply pipes are located between sections in the entire length of the cage. In every floor and line, there is a water reservoir to ensure optimal water supply.